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What is Anime St. Louis?
Cosplay Contest
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Cosplay Contest

This year's Cosplay Contest is going to be part of ShowMe Con's Masquerade. The organizers are Phenix Gambino from ShowMe Con and Supergeekgirl (Katrina Johnson) from Anime St. Louis. The masquerade will NOT follow ICG masquerade guidelines because we want to encourage a sense of friendly competition and a laid-back attitude that shows how fun costuming can be.

Entry forms will be available online sometime within the next couple of months. Start sewing! ^_^

Check out last year's winners on the right!

Hall cosplay is also encouraged at Anime St. Louis. In fact, you get a $5 discount if you wear a costume when you pick up your badge!

Last Year's Winners

First Place


Devil May Cry

Created by...

Second Place (tie)


Kyou Kara Maou!

Created by...


Samurai Champloo

Created by Katrina Johnson and worn by Mikhail Lynn