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What is Anime St. Louis?
Cosplay Contest
Rules and Policies
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What is Anime St. Louis?

Anime St. Louis is an anime convention created for and by St. Louis area anime fans. After Kunicon went under, St. Louis fans were left without a hometown convention. Alisha Bingham, president of the Maryville Anime Club decided to change that. She and her club created Anime St. Louis, a one-day convention that took place on the Maryville University campus on April 8, 2006.

The convention was even more of a success than the Maryville Anime Club had expected, and requests poured in for a three-day convention. Alisha decided to to team up with Katrina Johnson, president of the Webster University Anime Society, who had run panels at Anime St. Louis in 2006. She and Alisha talked about the possibility of having a three-day convention in conjunction with ShowMe Con, a seasoned three-day sci-fi con. ShowMe Con agreed to partner with Anime St. Louis in 2007 to produce a two-for-the-price-of-one three-day convention. Thus, the Anime St. Louis/ShowMe Con project was born.

Alisha, Katrina, Mikhail, and the ShowMe Con staff have been working most of the summer on planning an awesome convention for 2007!

^-^ Hope to see you all there!

Departments and Contacts

Con Chairs

Alisha Bingham-
Katrina Johnson-

Guest Liason

Alisha Bingham-

Cosplay Contest Director

Katrina Johnson-

Programming and Gaming Coordinator

Mikhail Lynn-

Artists' Alley

Alisha Bingham-


Jeff Conway-

Advertising and Publicity

Jeremy Johnson-

Meet the Con Staff!

Con Chairs

Sorry, no pictures of Alisha yet!

Alisha Bingham

Alisha is the president of the Maryville Anime Club (MAC).

MAC Website

Katrina Johnson

Katrina Johnson, the president of the Webster University Anime Society, has been cosplaying and going to conventions since she was a sophomore in high school. She is a huge fan of many, many things, from Harry Potter to Russian literature to anime. Some of her favorite anime are Kyou Kara Maou!, Fruits Basket, and Rurouni Kenshin.

WU Anime Society Website

Vice Con Chair and Programming Coordinator

Mikhail Lynn

Mikhail Lynn only started cosplaying two years ago, but he is already obsessed with it. Mikhail was originally a sci-fi/fantasy fan and gamer, but Katrina got him into anime when she started making costumes for him. Since then, he has become adept at making weapons out of foam board, cardboard, and tape. Some of Mikhail's favorite anime are Samurai Champloo, Samurai 7, Rurouni Kenshin, Lupin III, and Wolf's Rain. He is now the vice president of the Webster U. Anime Society.