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Panelist Questionnaire

By filling out this form, you are promising to be at all panels that you are scheduled to attend unless you tell us in advance. Panelists must buy a full membership to Anime St. Louis unless they are part of the staff. This questionnaire must be turned in by 11:59 p.m. on March 1, 2006. You may or may not get all the panels you want.

Your Name

Age (must be 16 or be accompanied by at least one person over 21 or two people over 18 during the panel)

Email Address

Badge Name

How many panels do you want to run?

Names of Panels (from our list)
Put them in order or preference. You may list more than the number you want to attend. We will give you that number of panels, but you may not get your first few choices.

"Canned" Panels (panels you are running with your friends)

Interests (so that we can match you to panels once we've run out of your choices)

Biography (Your biography must be 50 words or less. We will shorten it if it goes over.)