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Bishounen Date Auction Entry Form

Only fill this out if you are DEFINATELY going to be able to participate. Bishounen Date Auction entries are due by February 1, 2009 at 10:00 p.m. You may fill the form out as either yourself or the character you're dressing as. Please use your real name and an email address you check regularly as that is our means of contacting you.

Your Name

Age (must be 16 or older)

Email Address

Bishounen Name (character name or stage name you wish to use)

Character's Age (use your real age if not entering as a character)

Character's Hair Color

Character's Eye Color

YOUR Food Dislikes or Allergies (for the dinner)

Personal Ad
I am a in search of a to share and with me. My idea of a perfect woman is a who . My perfect date would be going to in a and eating .

Photo URL (host your photo on Photobucket or a similar service and enter the URL of your picture)

We will review all entries and pick the top 10-15 for the Bishounen Date Auction.